Indinor was founded in 1987 and is dedicated to the manufacture and commercialisation of chemical products for the leather and footwear industries. It also manufactures chemical products for other industries, particularly textiles.

It has its head office in Porto, commercial premises and application laboratory in Alcanena and manufacturing facilities, research, development and quality control laboratories in Ribeirão, V.N. de Famalicão.

The company focuses not only on the domestic market, but above all on exports.
In fact, from the outset, Indinor has focussed on foreign markets outside Europe, given the decline of the European market in the industries it primarily serves.


Today, in addition to Portugal, Indinor sells its products in various countries such as China, India and Brazil, and is a regular presence at fairs and exhibitions in these markets.

Indinor’s constant commitment to innovation has led it to establish various collaboration agreements with Universities and Technology Centres for research projects into new products and processes that result in an always up-to-date and more sophisticated offer, always developing in harmony with the environment, scrupulously respecting the respective Portuguese and European legislation.